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mardee kaylock

When I was 14 I was asked to leave school.  I had a horrid time in formal education and was an insecure and scared young teen.  At 16 I went to live in Papua New Guinea and found myself moving from village to village, staying with families, community leaders, educators, farmers, and fishermen.  This experience shaped me in profound ways.


My time away taught me many things, the least being that I was not stupid.  The most significant discovery was found in the vast array of ways of knowing, ways of learning, and ways of growing.  I developed a hunger to apply knowledge and practice wisdom. It was the beginning of a life long pursuit to always be learning. 


At 17 I moved home, and through several serendipitous moments and a curiosity for adventure I harnessed the  passion for learning whilst discovering the strength of imagination, the force of creativity and a talent for acting.  I became keen and skilled in listening to the sacred stories of others.  I had a deep determination to pursue a life marked by compassion, justice and wisdom.


I'm now in my 50's and my work is incredibly varied.  I work as a spiritual director, a freelance theatre maker, a creative consultant and facilitator, a writer, educator and mentor of artists & leaders.  I returned to formal education in my 30's, 40's, and 50's and currently hold 3 tertiary qualifications in education, counseling and theology.


I have extensive experience as a listener, storyteller, and community builder.  These experiences have informed my core values and the work of The Threshold Collective.  I have had the privilege of accompanying others in their end of life journeys and am deeply convinced that society can and is starting to do better when dealing with death.  There is a lot more to be done but by nurturing courage and embracing understanding of the spiritual, emotional and psychological needs of another at the end of their life, our own souls are strengthened, enriched and deeply connected in a world that is desperate for the same.

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