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is a powerful and creative development tool for either personal or professional growth and goal achievement. It is focussed on a helpful relationship with someone who has walked a similar path on which you find yourself.

The mentoring relationship requires the essential elements of trust and respect. Investing in your growth through mentoring is an effective way of progressing in your goals.

Together we will set measurable outcomes and action review plans that evaluate the whats, hows and most importantly the whys.

MarDee provides discounted packages of 5 or 11 sessions, however she can offer a one-off session upon request.


 Spiritual Direction

is one person inviting another to accompany them in their pilgrimage. The pilgrim asks the director to walk alongside as they deepen their awareness.

It is not counselling, teaching, mentoring or coaching, however there may be elements of these at given times. It usually involves a conversation where the director listens carefully to the pilgrim reflecting on his/her experiences.

Spiritual Direction helps:

  • identify and trust our own experiences of the divine

  • integrate spirituality into our daily lives

  • discern and make difficult choices

  • share our hopes, struggles, and losses

  • live the essence of our spirit with integrity

Spiritual Direction

Funeral Celebrant

“Grief and loss are a part of life. To be able to listen to and support a grieving family as they farewell their loved one is something I hold sacred.”

MarDee is an independent funeral celebrant who has conducted a diverse range of civil ceremonies, memorials and church services throughout Victoria. As well as funeral ceremonies MarDee offers other end of life services through The Threshold Collective.

The Collective is an ensemble of creative artists, and storytellers capturing and communicating your stories.

Funeral Celebrant

The Water Carriers

Together Heather and MarDee have over 50 years of experience working with communities & organisations across government & private sectors. 

"Helping others understand their unique value, and how to develop their creativity is our priority."

Water Carriers


Mardee has over 35 years experience in storytelling. She has acted, directed, written and produced theatre in Australia and overseas. She is the recipient of several Australian awards, andbrings a unique capacity to evoke laughter, tears and questions in the audience.

Her work is challenging to create, and vulnerable to experience. 

These days she prefers to coach and mentor theatre makers, but continues to practice her craft when the right opportunities arise.

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