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Funeral Celebrant


MarDee is an independent celebrant specialising in funerals and memorials because she understands the deeply personal nature of grief. 

Complex family dynamics and the the unique needs of each person involved requires a gentle yet strong and supportive approach when planning a meaningful and respectful service.  

Her training covered both the theoretical and practical aspects of funeral celebrancy and the obligations of a funeral celebrant.  She is experienced in the role of ritual and ceremony in funerals and knows how to connect with grieving families.  She is skilled in writing and delivering beautiful ceremonies that demonstrate both honour and respect.   

MarDee's approach to our father's funeral was incredibly sensitive and warm.  Our family felt held and supported all the way.

Mardee has a profound effectiveness for stepping into significant “life-moments” with people.  She has developed a huge capacity in facilitating with a hopeful and understanding heart and I have seen the impact of her expertise.

MarDee knew and communicated what I wanted others to know of my mum, who my mum was really shone through at her funeral. She ensured that others knew the essence of who she was in such a respectful and authentic way on the day.

Mardee offers incredible expertise from a wide variety of perspectives.  She has successfully facilitated opportunities for individuals, for families, for groups and communities.  I know MarDee is able to navigate complex situations, and she is uniquely skilled  in helping people.

Our dad's funeral was very full and large, I was astounded at how calm and reassuring MarDee was amid all the details we needed to attend to.  Her words echoed true for each of us.  “I am here to help make it happen, you can let go, grieve and celebrate your fathers life”.  We are so thankful for how MarDee listened to each of our needs, especially the unspoken ones.

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