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Dee has trained and worked for many years in the theatre sector in Australia.


During those years she has performed, directed, written and produced both in Australia and overseas. She is well respected among audiences and peers alike and is the recipient of several awards.  Dee has worked on a diverse number of productions in recent years as writer, director, dramaturg, creative consultant, and acting coach.  She brings to her work a passion for people and the capacity to create platforms for their stories.  Her commitment to theatre is driven by a love for the arts, and a high level of skill in developing nuanced and sensitive performances whilst ensuring a safe and challenging environment that cultivates trust and cohesiveness within her ensemble.  She has a passion for creating work that invites the audience to explore questions around what it is to be human. Her work is challenging to create, and vulnerable to experience.

Dee believes that the sum of the whole never exceeds the value of its parts and so she places a high value on giving back to the arts community.  Although she prefers to now coach, train and mentor theatre makers, she continues to practice her craft when the right opportunities arise.





2015/16 works:

Where have all the Flowers Gone Eden Dance Company - Dramaturg & Writer


Outside the Box Candlelight Productions - Writer & Director


Golgotha Another Heart Productions - Dramaturg 


Its A Wonderful Life Community Theatre Group - Director

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