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Who are the threshold collective
and what do we do?


The Threshold Collective is a new initiative I developed earlier this year.  We are a unique group of skilled and caring professionals who are artists, writers, designers, counselors, film makers, dancers, painters, photographers, poets, event managers, therapists, and spiritual directors. We are committed to supporting individuals and families in their end of life journey.  We help people celebrate their life, honor a loved one, and create unique and lasting memories for families.  We also offer consultation services and provide assistance and support with those people and things that are most important to us.

"One of the best gifts I received when my mum passed was being invited into a private recording studio to tell my stories of her.  I sat  alone in a dark booth with only the engineer's voice in my ears.  For 4 hours I told him our stories, I cried, I swore, I laughed, I remembered and we shared a bottle of red wine.  Once my friend cast his genius over my mess, we had 9 minutes of poignant, life-giving,  laughter enticing and wistful reflections of my beloved mum.  I wasn't able to speak at her funeral but the recording was played with a photo collage and the people knew who she was and how she was loved.  Such a gift!!!   I want to help others find their unique way to do similar .  For me working with the Threshold Collective is not just a job, its a calling.  What greater privilege is there than to help another person celebrate life or prepare for death? "



MarDee is an author, theatre maker, spiritual director, educator and respected mentor who has a background in counselling and therapeutic arts.  With formal qualifications and extensive experience working with youth, families, and women in the community, arts and education sectors MarDee brings a unique depth and seasoned wisdom in leading this team. 

She has over 25 years experience as an actor, director, dramaturg and producer in the theatre sector and is a gifted storyteller who brings a lifetime of insight and experience to her many roles.  She has had the privilege of accompanying others in their death journeys and has experienced personal grief and heart felt honouring after the death of several members of her family. 

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